Funny Taxidermy t-shirt

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do you know Big Willie? Do you need something stuffed? Big Willie is you man. He has been stuffing beavers for over 30 years. Taxidermy Rules!

taxidermy t-shirt
Taxidermy t-shirt


shopgirl101 said...

That's awesome!

Wicked Pissa Tees said...

thanks for stopping by! glad you appreciate the humor :)

Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

Just Visiting!

Your Daily Word

otin said...

That must be an old photo, it is very rare to see a hairy beaver these days! LOL

Pop Champagne said...

lol omg!! hahahaha too funny!

Wicked Pissa Tees said...

Otin - you're right, it does look old, LOL!

Pop Champagne - thanks, happy to share the laugh :)

Mike - thanks for stopping by!