Bad Girls Don't Swallow t-shirt

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Are you a good girl, or a bad girl? We thought that good girls don't swallow, until we saw the Bad Girls Don't Swallow, They Spit it in Your Mouth t-shirt! Show the world that you're a bad girl with this extremely offensive t-shirt!

bad girls don't swallow
Bad Girls Don't Swallow t-shirt


AsiaValentina said...

HAHAHA that's funny!

otin said...

LMAO, I never thought bad girls swallowed anyway, It's the GOOD ones that swallow!

Wicked Pissa Tees said...

good point otin... maybe the shirt should say 'good girls swallow, but bad girls spit it in your mouth' ;)

John Sees said...

Otin has it half right, it is the good girls that swallow and the naughty ones that kiss you with a mouth full of come