Boston Speak T-shirt

Saturday, January 10, 2009

At Wicked Pissa Tees, we can appreciate a great Boston t-shirt! Only a Boston lover can understand why it's wicked pissa! Here's one of our favorites:

Boston Speak t-shirts & gifts. Funny Boston accent or slang sayings on t-shirts and gifts. If you're from the Boston area, you'll need no translation. The perfect gift for the New Englander

Suppah: Dinner for most
Bubbluh: A public water fountain
Pahk: Recreational area in a city, a park
Yahd: Yard
Pahluh: Living room
No SUH!: Really?!?
Na-ah: No Way!
Tonic: What other people call soda
Beeah: Beer
Lickah: Booze, liquor
Gahbidge: Trash
Foddy Dollus: Forty dollars
Squayuh: The center part of town
B'daydas: Mashed, fried or baked potatos
Pete Sir: Most say pizza
Totally wicked: Beyond really good, awesome
Wistah: Worcester, MA
Ba Ba: He cuts your hair