Masshole T-shirt

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Masshole - If you're from Boston, or have driven through Boston... then you've probably seen one or know one.  Maybe you are a Masshole yourself!

So, you’re driving down a Boston street and someone cuts in your lane. You do what most people would do and yell “ASSHOLE!"  Well you would be close, but not exactly correct. The correct label is Masshole, and we wear it proudly! So the next time you are trying to get thru the tunnel, and someone blatantly cuts you off... use the proper terminology and (while flipping him/her the bird) yell “MASSHOLE”! You may get your ass kicked, but at least you used proper etiquette.

If you're a true Masshole, get yourself a Masshole t-shirt, and wear it with pride!

Mass hole t-shirt


Mass Hole Mommy said...

Best. t-shirt. evah!